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Sydney Asian Wedding Makeup Artist - Sharon and Charles

Photography: James Day

Jewellery: George Jensen

Prep Location: Paramount House Hotel

Sydney Asian Wedding Makeup Artist Amy Chan is one of the most requested Asian Wedding Makeup Artist for Weddings, Engagements and Pre Wedding Hair and Makeup Makeovers.

Sharon and Charles met in Hong Kong, but not long after, Charles had to relocate back to Sydney for work. Long distance relationship is not for everyone, but these lovebirds made the impossible, possible.

Knowing exactly what he wants in his life, Charles proposed to Sharon not long after and they have plans for Sharon to permanently relocate to Sydney to be with Charles as soon as possible.

With Sydney being Sharon's future forever home, they decided to celebrate their love by creating memories in this beautiful city. Their first project, to have a Sydney pre wedding photoshoot with James Day as the photographer and Amy as their makeup artist for the day.


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