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How to plan a COVID-19 Wedding in Sydney

We understand planning a wedding is hard enough, let alone planning a COVID-19 wedding in Sydney. Since the pandemic started, over 90% of our weddings have been postponed, or somehow affected by Coronavirus. Therefore we have had lots of practice in helping our brides planning their COVID-19 weddings in Sydney. Here are some useful tips to help you make your COVID-19 wedding planning a bit easier.

COVID-19 Wedding Sydney

Contact your vendors ASAP

It's very important to contact all your vendors as soon as you decides to postpone your wedding as all the other brides out there are all doing the same thing. So you want to get in first to work with your vendors on a new wedding date. The faster you are, the more choices you have with picking the date you want. Just remember, you're competing with existing brides wanting to postpone as well as newly engaged couples who are wanting to lock in their vendors.

We recommend contact your venue(s) first to get a new list of dates and start a group email asking everyone to reply to speed up the process. This will also help you cut down on admin and let the vendors help you do some work.

Be open to days other than Saturday

To ensure you secure a date as soon as possible, be open to having your wedding on a day other than Saturdays. With only 4 Saturdays available in a month, most vendors may already have bookings especially if its' a popular period. Your chances of getting a Saturday can be quite slim, so by having your wedding on another day you have a lot more choice and your vendors are more likely to be available (your vendor will also thank you for being flexible too!).

Sign now, party later

A lot of brides are choosing to have 2 weddings, meaning an intimate one for the ceremony due to COVID-19 health orders and restrictions, and the reception later when you can have more guests at the wedding. This way you won't have to wait a very long time to become Mr and Mrs, you can still start your lives together and have a lot more time to plan the party. This has become an extremely popular option as most couples get very anxious when it comes to the formal part of the wedding - ie. ceremony. If they split this up, things will be a lot easier to handle and when the wedding reception comes they can let loose and have fun.

On a final note

Just remember your vendors care about your wedding as much as you do, they'll be there for you if you ever need a second opinion or just someone to talk to. You only get married once, so enjoy the ride!

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