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Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney - Queenie and Ed's Japanese Pre Wedding Photos

Engagement Ring: Tiffany & Co.

Location: Japan

Queenie and Ed had different ideas when it came to choosing locations for their engagement photos. They wanted a location that was memorable to them, so they chose Japan, and flew our principal Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in Sydney Amy Chan with them for the shoot. Amy and her team regularly travels around the world for destination weddings and pre weddings so travelling to Japan was not an issue.

It was a long planning process as we had to match up everyone's work schedule, season in Japan as well as travel plans as Amy had other assignments in New Zealand the same week.

As an Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in Sydney, with an advantage of getting to know different makeup styles for different Asian cultures, Amy was able to create a timeless yet modern style of hair and makeup for Queenie without any prior makeup trials. Understanding Queenie's requirements and knowing what she was wearing for each location was very important as it helped Amy plan each makeup and hairstyle and what would be suitable and set realistic expectations. Due to the cold weather and limited locations to change outfits, creating an easily changeable hair and makeup style was very important. Not only it'll save time, but also made the day more enjoyable for the couple.


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