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Destination Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney - Stephanie and Andrew's New Zealand Pre Wedding

Location: New Zealand

Even though we're a Sydney based company, we've always been extremely lucky to travel the world with our clients to do their hair and makeup, this time with Stephanie & Andrew, our Destination Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist Amy Chan based in Sydney got to travel to the beautiful New Zealand.

We were incredibly blessed with amazing weather, so to maximise our limited time in New Zealand, Andrew and Stephanie arrived at our airbnb at 4:45am. Not long after Andrew fell asleep on the couch while Stephanie was getting her hair and makeup done for the first time.

Stephanie wanted a very natural style of hair and makeup that's also chic, timeless and classic. To achieve this look, we used Becca Cosmetic's highlight and contouring to enhance her features, rather than dark, heavy makeup. Foundation wise, we use our all time favourite DMKC to perfectly match her healthy skin tone. This foundation holds exceptionally well and is also water resistant, making it extremely long lasting. For her blush, we put our trust on MAC Cosmetics and blended 2 colours together to achieve the natural, sun kissed glow. And as for her lips, we mixed MAC Cosmetics' FANFARE with our own custom lip balm to create the tinted lip look. As everyone's natural lip colour is different, though using the same lipstick, the colour may turn out to be slightly different. To us, this is a change we embrace as it gives personality.

For Stephanie's hair, we used Cloud Nine's original iron to create the locks she requested, and used Schwarzkopf's OSiS number 3 hairspray to set her hair.

Once hair and makeup was finished, we headed straight to the famous Glenorchy shed, where we spent our morning by the beautiful crystal clear water. Though there were quite a few tourists by the wharf, With Steph in an evening dress, they were lovely enough to clear the way for us.

With everything relatively close by, we headed to a forest near Kawarau River, where The Lord of the Rings was filmed to finish off the day with more photos before we headed straight to the airport for another destination location.


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