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If you do not require wellness or health tips, click on the options below for tips on how to achieve wedding ready skin and hair


As we juggle the demands of daily life, it's common to feel depleted, rundown, and lacking motivation over time. This can take a toll on our body and overall well-being. The added responsibilities of planning a Sydney Wedding, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring family harmony can further contribute to feelings of overwhelm and stress. As a result, your body will begin to decelerate and for your skin, it may become red, blotchy, irritated and congested.

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, specialising in Sydney Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup, we help our clients address issues in skincare, skin health, makeup, wellness, and everything related to beauty. We've observed these challenges are universal, transcending background, race, and age. As a result, we've curated a collection of tips and tricks to help you navigate these common issues. Explore our resources to reclaim your vitality and thrive in every aspect of your life especially leading up to your big day.

  • Great detox juice to try  (if you're pregnant, have extremely low blood pressure or on your period, DO NOT drink this!):

    • Blend (or juice if  you don't have a blender): kale, cucumber, celery, bitter melon, beetroot, grapes with seed and green apple (eating these don't count), drink this 2-3 times a week (but not too late at night). This will help reduce fluid retention on your face and body as well as cleanse your gut and liver. Make sure you're not allergic to any of these ingredients and don't drink this at the end of the night. 

    • Quantity for each fruit or vegetable: We suggest adding a bit more apple to sweeten the overall taste, everything else can be a small piece or a whole fruit if it's not too big. If bitter melon is not in season, the we suggest adding a bit more celery, cucumber and kale.

    • Here are 2 options for a good quality Juice Blenders we highly recommend you get: 

  • Food Recommendations: 

    • Avoid eating anything deep fried, fast food, soft drinks (or sugary drinks), the healthier you are, the better your skin and body looks. Treat your body like a temple! :) 

    • Recommendations for some common issues that shows up on your skin: 

      • Tired/dry eyes, slight yellow on the whites of the eye, dark circles: Improve your liver function. Try going to be earlier if possible, preferably be asleep between 10pm to 2am as the body does its big self cleansing between this time, including the liver and gall bladder. Food you can try to incorporate into your diet: 

        • Peppermint tea with no sugar or milk (loose leaves if possible as they are better quality)​

        • Chrysanthemum tea with no sugar or milk (or Chamomile tea) 

        • Dark green leafy vegetables

        • Bitter Melon

        • Turmeric (powder form is probably the easiest to find at health stores)

      • Breakouts around your mouth/chin: Improve your bowel movements, eat food that will help your body flush out toxins more than normal as your body is telling you its building up too much. Try the following and see if you can include this in your daily diet:
        • papaya (long ones are sweeter)

        • gold kiwi fruit (1 = 3 oranges)

        • green juice (see above)

        • fresh ginger tea (1cm x 2cm size ginger, add in a cup of water, boil on medium heat for 7 minutes. This must be consumed hot, or enough for you to drink. This will de-bloat your stomach within 5 minutes)

      • Breakout on your forehead: Improve your digestion, avoid anything oily as it'll forms an unnecessary grease lining that prevents us from absorbing what we need and eats away your energy. Stress can also be one of the contributing factors, hence causing inflammation inside the body (your body is hotter during this time). 'Cooling' the body down by eating food that's not high in heat (hence deep fried food contains a lot of heat). Try the following:

        • Gut detox programs - we recommend

        • Green juice as above 

        • Avoid deep fried and oily 

        • Chrysanthemum tea or chamomile tea 

      • Breakout on the cheeks: Again, improve your digestion and if this is serious, you can get a test done at your local GP for H Pylori bacteria (Helicobacter Pylori). This is just a breath test to see if there is a high level of this bacteria in your stomach that is causing this breakout. Most people with Rosacea have this bacteria hence causing small pimples on the cheeks that never seem to go away. Try the following: 

        • Gut detox programs (you'll need to go on it for several times)  - we recommend

        • Green juice as above 

        • Avoid deep fried and oily 

        • Chrysanthemum tea or chamomile tea 

      • Overall skin and hair improvement supplements and must eat: All the supplements (except DMK EFA Ultra) are all in powder form as it gets absorbed the fastest. 


All material included in this email is intended to be of a general nature only, and is included for the sole purpose of providing general information. Material included in this email does not, and is not intended to constitute advice or any statement on which reliance should be placed. Users should seek advice as appropriate from a professionally qualified dietitian on all specific situations and conditions of concern to them. 

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