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Expert Hair Tips for Wedding Hair


If you do not require hairstyling tips, click on the options below for other Skin and Health Info to help you glow from within.



Explore our extensive collection of hair colour suggestions tailored specifically for your upcoming special event. We've shortlisted the most popular hair colours and highlight options so your hair will stand out amongst the crowd but still maintaining the natural look.  Whether you're seeking to maintain the timeless allure of your natural locks or venture into the latest modern shades, we've got you covered.

It's perfectly okay if you prefer to embrace your natural hair colour, after all, it's all about you! But if you want to treat yourself to a new hairstyle, whether its for your Sydney Wedding, Graduation, Sydney Pre Wedding Photoshoot, Engagement or a very special occasion, our recommendations cater to individuals who are looking to make a statement. With our expertly curated selection, you'll find the perfect hair colour to help you shine and stand out on your big day.

Hair Treatments:

  • Avoid indulging in luxury hair treatments until after your big event, as this could result in overly soft hair that's difficult to create your dream hairstyle. For optimal results, consider scheduling regular visits to your hairdresser every three months to achieve and maintain your hair colour. Depending on your desired shade, light bleaching may be necessary to ensure the colour holds effectively. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is always here to provide assistance every step of the way.

For Naturally Curly Hair:

  • Please blow dry and straighten your hair on the day of your trial and your wedding before you start with us. There will be an additional fee of $100+GST if we have to do this for you or anyone who are having hairstyling services with us as it'll prolong our prepping time on the day by approximately 45-60 minutes which is the time required for us to doing 1 full hairstyle. 


For a Hair Colour Specialist: 

For Hair Colour Recommendations,

  • Please consider the 4 colours in the below images ranging from a full colour, highlights only, balayage, full colour + highlights. We recommend choosing Ash colours as they tend to warm up nicely after a few washes.

Sydney Best Asian Hairstylist
Sydney Asian Wedding Hair Stylist
Sydney Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist
Best Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney


To attain your desired appearance, a haircut is often necessary. This could involve simply trimming the ends of your hair or opting for a complete style cut, depending on factors such as your hair's length, desired hairstyle, hair texture and thickness. It's important to note that everyone's haircut will vary. Additionally, keep in mind that hair typically grows around 1cm to 1.5cm per month.

For those with short hair, we advise allowing your hair to grow as much as possible. This provides greater versatility and options during your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial session at our Sydney studio.

For those with long hair, getting a haircut could still be an option, depending on the desired hairstyle for your special day.

When styling the front section of your hair, AKA Face Framing, it's important to note that once it's curled, you may lose around 2.5cm in length. To account for this, we suggest leaving it slightly longer.

Our Recommended Hair Length Instructions:

  • Fringe: Shortest length will be chin length (when the hair is straight) and start layers from there. Preferably no shorter than that unless you plan to have bangs. 

  • Back of your hair: No longer than your elbow, no shorter than mid way between shoulders and elbow (bottom part of your bra at the back), you're more than welcome to get some layers as this will help with the overall texture. 

  • If your hair is shorter than the above recommended length, please keep growing.

For the Perfect Styled Haircut, we recommend Xavier from Feather Factor Studio in Sydney, CBD

Long hair face framing Haircut for Wedding
Long Wedding hair face framing Haircut Dark hair
Long Hair Layer Wedding Haircut
Highlight Wedding Hair Layers

Have you ever wondered why your hair consistently lacks volume and fails to achieve that light, airy sensation you get after a salon visit? Selecting hair products that aren't compatible with your hair type or condition can result in various issues, such as dryness, greasiness, frizz, or breakage. It's crucial to opt for hair care products that are customised to address your specific needs, whether you require hydration, volume enhancement, or damage repair. If you're uncertain about which products suit you best, consider trying the following products tried and tested by us, perfect for your special day. 

This is extremely important as using the incorrect product can result in oily-looking roots and make styling and holding your hair much more challenging!

Tip on getting the most out of each hair wash at home:

  • Always shampoo your hair twice, focusing on the under layers (from the ears down) for thorough cleansing. Listen for the 'squeaky clean sound' during the second wash and feel for friction, indicating complete dirt and oil removal. Otherwise, hair may feel damp and oily. When applying conditioner, concentrate solely on the ends, regardless of your hair's perceived damage level.

For Bleached Hair:

  • We highly recommend using the 'Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and Mask'. Renowned as one of the top sets available, it's designed to maintain your hair's vibrancy until your next salon visit. Please note disposable gloves must be worn as it's very potent and will stain your cuticles. 

Tresemme Green Range:

  • This product will help you remove everything from your hair, leaving your hair feeling extra clean and light. This can be mixed with 'Fanola No Yellow Shampoo' if you prefer. 

Shiseido Fino Hair Mask:

  • This is extremely moisturising and extremely potent, only a small amount is required else the hair will feel too heavy. 

Aveda Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo:

  • This is a premium version of Tresemme, with better ingredients and fewer nasties. It also smells divine!

Tresemme Shampoo
Best Hair Products for Weddings
Shiseido Fino Hair Mask
Fanola No Yellow Shampoo
Fanola No Yellow Mask
Wedding Tips for Perfect Wedding Skin
Now that you're all set to have perfect hair, let's improve your skin and health to get that bridal glow!
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