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Q. If I’m happy with the quote, what do I do next?


Once you’ve finished customising your quote and have it finalised and confirmed with staff, simply follow the 3 easy steps below:

  1. Fill out a quick questionnaire about your wedding day

  2. Sign our e-contract agreement

  3. Put down your 50% retainer to secure your wedding day, please note this is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Q. How do I pay?


We are only able to accept bank transfers or cash as a form of payment. Before making payment, it’s very important to get in touch with us first to ensure that your wedding date is still available at the time of booking. As we deal with a very high volume of enquiries and in some unfortunate cases, some brides are faster than others and we become fully booked before we even realise it!

Q. I’m not sure how many people need hair and makeup, can I book and confirm later?


Yes of course! We recommend you secure the definite numbers of hair and makeup you will require for your special day, if you have guests who are still yet to confirm our services then exclude them for now. Once confirmed, you are always welcome to upgrade/add to the services you require. Please let us know as soon as that happens so we can make sure we've got enough time for the additional guests.

Q. I’ve already paid my 50% retainer, can I still add extra services?


Absolutely! Subject to availability at the time of your request of additional services, we are happy to accommodate your requests where we can.

Q. Can I remove services, or downgrade my services after already paying?


Unfortunately, we are unable to down grade any packages after payment has been made due to the funds having been distributed to staff already in order to secure them for your big day. Hence we always make sure our clients are only booking in the guests they have confirmed.

Q. Can I do a trial first before booking my wedding day?


Yes of course! We always want to make sure our brides are 100% comfortable with their decisions so trialling with us before or after booking is not an issue. Our trials are available from Monday to Thursday during business hours excluding public holidays. 

Q. If I decide to do a trial first, will you hold my wedding date?


Due to the high volume of bookings we receive everyday, we are unable to hold dates for anyone even if you have booked a trial with us as we work on a first come first served policy.

If your wedding date gets booked out and you have booked a trial with us, we will refund the amount back to you if you haven’t already had your trial.


Q. Can I book a trial first before deciding to book my wedding day with you?


Yes! But keep in mind that we are unable to hold dates for anyone even if you have booked a trial with us, as we work on a first come first served policy.

Q. If I decide to do a trial first, will you hold my wedding date?


Due to the high volume of bookings we receive everyday, we are unable to hold dates for anyone even if you have booked a trial with us as we work on a first come first served policy.

If your wedding date gets booked out and you have booked a trial with us, we will refund the amount back to you if you haven’t already had your trial.

Q. What if I book my trial first without securing my wedding day, and the date becomes unavailable?


If your wedding date gets booked out and you have booked a trial with us, we will gladly refund the paid amount back to you if you haven’t already had your trial yet. Of course, we'll let you know when the other bride is wanting to secure the booking so you have the option to choose whether you want to secure your date with us first or you like to get a refund for the trial you haven't had with us yet. 


Q. What if I change my mind and no longer want to have a trial, do I get my payment back?


The only exception is if you’ve booked and paid for your trial, and your wedding date becomes unavailable due to another bride wanting to secure it before you do. The payment amount can only be refunded in this circumstance if you are still yet to have your trial session with us. But if you chose to not have a trial with us after you have made a payment, unfortunately the amount paid will not be refundable and transferrable to another person.

Q. I want to make sure my wedding date is secured with you, and have my trial later, how do I do this?


The best way is to secure your wedding date with us by putting down a non refundable 50% retainer so no one can take the slot away from you. We can find a suitable date for your bridal trial afterwards, ideally on a day where you can have your engagement photos so you can maximise your bridal trial. We encourage all our brides to secure their hair and makeup trials ASAP to avoid disappointment. 

Q. When can I have a trial and are you available on the weekend?


We’re available on weekdays (Monday to Thursdays) during business hours as our schedules on Fridays and the weekends are very busy with weddings. We’ll try our very best to find a date that works for everyone, so we do encourage brides to book in trials a few months in advance to avoid disappointments. On the rare occasion we’re available on a weekend, we’ll get in touch with you (based on your place on our waitlist). Our wedding bookings gets first priority as they are understandably on tight schedules and cannot be rescheduled. So we can only give you a definitely date and time after we confirm all the timing with our brides 2 days prior to the wedding day. Please note, the trial fee on a public holidays and weekend will be the full bridal hair and makeup rate. 

Q. When/how far in advance should I book my trial?


Due to our busy schedules, especially on weekends with wedding bookings, we recommend you book your trial roughly 3-5 months in advance to ensure we can match your preferred date as close as possible. If possible, having you trial during a month that has similar weather conditions as that of your wedding date would be ideal. This is because your hair and skin secretion changes in different seasons, so a similar gives you a much better idea of how everything will look and last on the big day.

We also recommend having your trial in the morning so you get to have the makeup on your skin the whole day.

Q. How far from my wedding date should I have my trial?


We recommend a minimum of at least 3 months from your wedding date and we always recommend having your trial in a month with similar weather conditions if possible.

Q. How long does a trial generally take?

Please allow around 2.5 - 3 hours for your trial session with our Principal Stylist (Amy), and 3.5 - 4 hours for our Senior Stylists.


Q. Can I have my trial on the same date as my pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot?


Of course you can! In fact, we encourage it so that you can get some pretty pictures while you’re all made up, plus you’ll be able to see how the makeup and hair photographs, and try a few different looks to experiment with what you like. Which is better as on the wedding day we can’t do any experimentation, as time is very restricted.


Q. How do I know if I need to select the travel fee?


For locations within Sydney, if you're getting ready location on the day of your wedding is within 10km of the Sydney CBD (based on Google Map), you don’t need to worry about a travel fee. But if your location is going to be outside of this radius, then the once off travel fee will apply.

2nd Location: Please also note if you require hair and makeup for 2 locations (eg. In Law's), there will be an additional travel fee (regardless if it's within 10km from Sydney CBD or not) for us to send other stylists to the second location.

Q. My wedding is outside of the Sydney Metro Area, what type of travel fee does this involve?


For any areas that are outside of Sydney Metro, we have higher travel fees that apply (this should also be listed in the quote we’ve sent you). In some cases, one night accommodation (responsible by the client booking us) may be required depending on final makeup starting time. This timing will be determined by us to ensure we meet your desired ‘to be ready by time’.

Q. My Wedding is overseas, how do I book Amy or a Senior Stylist to do my Hair and Makeup and the cost?

We love an overseas wedding! Our booking prices remain the same. The only variation is that our flights and accommodation will be responsible by the client.

Q. How do I know if I need an early fee?


Depending on the time you need to be ready by, we work backwards to determine the start time required to achieve this. If the required start time is before 7am, then an early fee will be necessary. Earliest start time is 5am. See below for a rough indication of how long we will need:

  • Bride – 2- 2.5 hours (Hair & Makeup) depending on the stylist

  • Bridesmaid/Relative or Guest – 1- 1.5 hour (Hair & Makeup) depending on the stylist

Q. I’ve included an Early Fee in my package, what’s the earliest time we can start?

The earliest start time possible is 5am. If an even earlier start time is required/desired, additional fees will apply per hour before 5am. If you require to start BEFORE 5am, then we’ll need to add an extra early fee to compensate our stylists for getting up even earlier, this rate will vary depending on the starting time.

Q. I’d like to have more stylists than allocated to speed things up even more, how much is it per additional stylist?


If you would like more stylists than the number we assign according to the number of guests getting hair and makeup done, the fee is $100+GST per additional stylist, subject to availability at the time of your booking.

Q. I have a large bridal party, how many stylists will come to speed up our getting ready process?


Naturally, we don’t want you to have to wake up super early on your wedding day to get everyone finished by one stylist, so for certain numbers, we allocate a number of stylists to help speed things up. Please note that this is subject to availability at the time of your booking. The below indication includes the Bride as well.

1 – 3 People hair and makeup = 1 Stylist in total

4 – 6 People hair and makeup = 2 Stylists in total

7 – 9 People hair and makeup = 3 Stylists in total

Q. Do I need to supply our own fake lashes?


No, you don’t need to worry about supplying your own lashes. Our stylists have a large variety that they always have with them, and they will choose or customise the application of the false lashes to best suit your eyes and look.

Please note the false eyelashes will come off once you wash your face that night, we do not supply semi-permanent eyelash extensions. If you choose to have eyelash extensions for your trial and wedding day, please let us know beforehand so we can make a note in your file. 

Q. How long does your makeup last? Do I really need a touch up?


We use high quality professional grade makeup that has proven to stand the test of time and hot days, but of course this will also depend on the type of skin you have and weather condition on the day (eg. if it rains heavily and your hair got quite wet). Most clients love a change of hairstyle and/or makeup so they look quite different for their first entrance as husband and wife. But if you have a budget you must stick to, we have other cheaper add on options that you can consider.

Q. Your prices are a bit out of my budget but I really want Amy’s style, do you have any suggestions to help keep costs down?


If our principal package is over your budget, our Senior Stylist packages are a bit more affordable. Amy all personally trains our Senior Stylists in her style of hair and makeup and techniques so you don’t need to worry too much about the overall look and feel. Otherwise there is still the option of doing only makeup or only hairstyling on some guests.

Q. How long does a touch up normally take?


Our very popular evening touch ups generally take about 30-45 minutes depending on the style you like. This timing is usually more than enough to allow us to freshen up anything that requires attention and change your hair and/or makeup. The aim is to make sure you look fresh and ready for your big entrance. This is an extremely option for brides who are wanting a different look for their wedding reception or those who are concerned about the weather on the wedding day, or those who simply want a professional to help them looking their best for their reception. 

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